May Sketch A Day


By now you’ve heard everything about May Sketch A Day but if you haven’t then ¬†you’re missing out. The goal is to produce a sketch everyday in the month of May….pretty simple. It isn’t about producing the best work or getting hung up on crazy details. Just grab your favorite medium, hop on board, and get inspired by contributing your sketch to a growing community of artists worldwide. Don’t forget to throw on the hash tag #maysketchaday when you’re done and throw a thumbs up to concept artist Thomas Scholes for getting this started. Have fun.

* The header image was produced by concept artist Jessica Cheng.

Some great sketches produced by May Sketch A Day.


Sarah McIntyre


Lennart Verhoeff


Josh Atack


Jason Pickthall


Suheb Zako

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Yao Xiao – Illustrator/Designer

Yao Xiao - Illustrator

Yao Xiao is a wonderful artist from New York that creates wonderfully, imaginative illustrations for various publications. I had the pleasure of bumping into her when we attended school together at Memphis College of Art and I appreciate how fair our friendship has grown. Take some time out of your busy schedules to scroll through her personal portfolio or keep up with her Tumblr. You won’t be disappointed.

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